Need for Speed

My wife, and partner of studio A2 are giving a presentation at ASID's Storytellers event on Tuesday evening on the theme of Inspiration, Creativity and Passion and how we adapted to our changing profession (Architecture) and the world in which we live.

One of our passions is automotive design and racing. "Form ever follows function" Louis Sullivan.

Photo above was taken by Jessie Alexander at Monza, Italy. ( click his link to see some historic 16mm film Jessie shot at racing events in the 50's. We met Jessie at the Historic races, Laguna Seca in CA and bought a fine autographed B&W photo of Dan Gurney.

This video clip was produced by Shell oil company. Got to love the Prancing Pony.

Photo below is a screen shot I took while viewing a video of Jesse's and it was at a interesting moment dissolving between two images.