A new chapter was written for this vintage 1910 library in Greeneville, TN by renovating the original building and tripling its size with classrooms, offices, window seats, and book stacks, separated 

from the original building by a circulation spine.  Faded book jackets and historical references inspired the palette of paints, carpets, rift oak wood panels, and Burlington Slate floors. Custom furniture with integral power and data blended old and new and created multiple varied destinations for studying. Project completed in collaboration with Hecht, Burdeshaw Architects, Inc


Incorporating years of tradition into the new “Living Room” on campus at this Chattanooga, TN private boys preparatory school, flags representing the student body hang beside custom 10’-0” diameter double tiered chandeliers. Custom furniture, hand rubbed millwork, and porcelain “slate” floors allow easy maintenance for onsite staff. Prospective students and staff enjoy the use of the divisible Conference Rooms. A family of custom chandeliers in the hallways illuminate this “home away from home”. Project completed in collaboration with Franklin Associates Architects, Inc